What I say

About life

Life is great. And we are all here to connect. We are blessed to have the opportunities we have today and I’m trying to make use of them through my creative vein. I think everything is possible if you have a strong belief and first of all if you are willing to give everything to reach your goals. Only your own mind can stop you from fulfilling your dreams and visions. Stop thinking and start doing.

About traveling

Traveling is the greatest inspiration for my art. I love to explore different countries and cultures to broaden my horizon and connect to people all around the world. For the most things in my job I only need a notebook and Wi-Fi which enables me to work remotely wherever I am.

About success

Success is a matter of perspective. For me, success has nothing to do with your bank account, your possessions or your relationship. Success is, when you wake up and your first thought is gratefulness.

What they say about me

“An absent-minded professor which sees the world as a playground.”

My grandma

“Had a two hours discussion with his math teacher after he graduated with only an A-.”

A class mate in my high school yearbook

“Phil has been an outstanding asset to our art direction team.”

Sonja Skopp – Senior Art Director BBDO

“That dude should get rid of his perfectionism. But he can’t.”

My inner voice

What I do

I create. And make sure that every piece of work is thrilling and target-aimed!
Digital Branding is the keyword and includes the following elements:

Corporate Design

From the naming and logo creation via developing the color concept and visual language through to creating a modern search engine optimized website.

Content Creation

Thrilling cinematic videos (image films, product films, social media films), striking photography with a knack for perspectives and color grading, digital brochures and animated online banners.

Social Media

Social Identity development, growth and engagement acceleration through creative, highly effective posts and Social Advertising Strategies to make use of the enormous target-aimed customer approach of Social Media.

Online Marketing

Considering the customer journey and the power of Facebook and Google, I create personalized funnels to get the maximum of brand awareness, lead generation and conversion.

Clients I worked for


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