Digital Brand Deck


Braun asked for a new digital brand deck. They wanted to have a clean and distinctive look to show their partners and consumers the brand principles, product highlights and brand history.


Everyone of our team (two Art Directors, one Senior Art Director) created an own layout which was completely different from the others. We presented all of them to Braun and they chose my layout. I tried to implement the ’10 principles of good design’ from Dieter Rams (‘Less but more’). Dieter Rams was responsible for the product design of Braun for decades and a great muse for Steve Jobs and Apple. Some of Dieter Rams product designs for Braun were adapted by Apple for their products and apps. So my layout was characterized by simplicity, a distinctive esthetics and tact. On every page I left a lot of white space and only used shapes of the Braun logo with less opacity to complete the layout and give it more variety.

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