MQ 5 Baby

The mother of all hand blenders.

Braun released a special hand blender only for baby food. Therefore they needed a proper advertising campaign. I was involved from the beginning to the end: Idea creation, baby casting, photo shooting and post production.


Braun wanted to communicate the new Multiquick 5 Baby, which was produced to mix baby food at its best. Therefore, they were very demanding in terms of the look and feel. It should be sweet, but not too childish. It should be real. And first of all clean. They needed a layout for the packaging and the print communication. But the budget was quite low why it was even more challenging.


We produced a lot of ideas and presented them to the client. He liked our idea to shoot real toddlers having fun with food around their mouths. So we casted a lot  and found around 10 we liked. To get a very clean and glossy result we shot them all in a small studio. The situation was very tricky because kids don’t have a huge span of attention. So for each baby we had around 7 minutes to get the perfect shot. Their mothers were also on the set to make the toddlers feel more comfortable. And to get the funniest expressions out of them. It was just awwwwwwwwwww….

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